August 26, 2022
at Gateway Playhouse
A Hip-Hop Revelation For The Younger Generation.

Grimmz Fairy Tales puts the rap in Rapunzel, leaves Cinderella hip-hoppin’ in new shoes, gets Snow White slammin’ and Hansel and Gretel jammin’.

This reimagining of classic fairy tales follows Jay and Will Grimmz, the hip-hop, fable, dance-pop sensation brothers. Their modern-day spin on the Grimm Brothers’ 19th-century collection of popular folklore features hits such as “Snow White and the Seven Shawties,” “Rapunzel: Let Down Your Hair,” “Hansel & Gretel: Out in the Streets,” and their first featured “granny-winning” song, “Cinderella Remix,” in their “hip hop revelation for the younger generation. We can't wait for you to see this Drama League Award nominated production "live" here at The Gateway.


Age Recommendation:
Our children's shows are recommended for ages 3 and older. While there is no official rating system for live theatre, we encourage you to use your judgment based on age, maturity level, and subject matter. A paid ticket is required for everyone attending regardless of age.