Set Rentals

We have a large inventory of scenery packages and backdrops available for rent, along with a few specialty props and set pieces. All of our scenery is stored in semi trailers, 28' to 53', and while most scenery packages fit in a single trailer, a few of our packages require two or more trailers. We can generally provide trucking for our scenery packages, or you can arrange to have your trucker pick up at our yard in Manorville, NY.

Most of our scenery was constructed in-house for productions at The Gateway Playhouse or The Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, but some of our packages were purchased from other theatres or from national tours (a few even come from the first national tour!). Our scenery packages will be most compatible with a stage that has a 34'-0" to 45'-0" wide proscenium opening that is 16'-0" - 22'-0" tall, and with about 25' of stage depth, but most of our sets can be custom fit to your venue to meet your specific needs.

Our clients include high schools, churches, community theatres, regional theatres, and national tours. Pricing varies based on the specific show rented, the length of your run, ticket price, and distance from NY. It's difficult for us to be more specific that than, but most of our small to medium size set packages will rent for around $8,000, plus the cost of trucking, technician, and royalty. Please contact us for a quote. Occasionally we can work out special prices for very short runs (high schools, etc.), or for multiple show deals.

All rentals include a Gateway technician at the load-in and load-out who will work with your technical director in advance of both to help you figure out how to best custom fit the set for your venue and your needs. Most of our technicians are former Gateway staff, and we will always try to match you with a technician who has worked with the speific set you're renting before, but even where that may not be possible, they will have the resources of our entire team behind them, bringing decades of combined knowledge to your rental.