August 9-13, 2017
at Patchogue Theatre

Youth 5-16 years old HALF OFF!
Student Rush $35
(1hr before show w/Student ID)
Mind-Blowing Feats, Exhilarating Tricks, Dazzling Acrobats

A high-energy blend of circus arts and modern dance, this smash-hit show is a production for the young at heart featuring daring stunts and dazzling theatricality. iD is an exciting family-friendly production that transports audiences to a vibrant city streetscape. The stage fizzes with infectious energy and phenomenal physical feats, as the 15 talented cast members perform against a kaleidoscope of video projections. The show’s energy and poetry will exceed the expectations of audiences and is guaranteed to leave you in awe!

Directed by Jeannot Painchaud

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