Acting School Teachers

With sessions running all year long, we are always updating our files with the résumés of interesting individuals, skilled in theatre, with an affinity for conveying inspiration to our young students.

Candidates should hold degrees in theatre and have experience working with kids of all ages in a theatre/acting related setting. A strong passion for teaching kids is crucial, as are a positive attitude, plenty of energy, and a desire to contribute to learning environment unlike any other in the area. The ideal candidate will be able to provide students with a constructive classroom atmosphere where they will feel inspired to create and learn. This individual should have an innovative approach to teaching, drawing from various methods so students can be introduced to a variety of techniques.

Because no two classes are ever the same, this person should be flexible enough to modify their approach depending on the energy in the classroom. We want our students to be challenged and to feel that their experience has provided them with a valuable skill set.

Our teachers must be well-organized and be willing to do some work outside of class time in order to come to each class prepared. Housing for these positions is NOT provided.

Please email résumés to the Acting School Director for these artistic positions, which become available from time to time per year and per season.